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Going Live! E1 & E2

Well the time has finally come; the Mended Paths Podcast is going live! For the first week only, I will be releasing 2 episodes, followed by a new episodes each week thereafter (with any luck every Wednesday).

In these first two episodes, I am speaking with my wife, Terra, about our journey and transition so far. We discuss where to start in transitioning to a more healthful diet.

Below you’ll find:

  • E1 – The Journey Begins, &
  • E2 – The Journey Continues


*** Update ***

In today’s show we discuss (show notes):

E1 – The Journey Begins

  • Introduction by Chad (0:16),
  • Introduction by Terra; Education drove our change (3:02),
  • 2014 Terra was ready for “some sort of” change; the “Normalcy of Aging” (4:33),
  • Feb 2014, Friends introduce us to juicing (6:52),
  • Fat Sick & Nearly Dead” was an Ahha! Moment (13:26),
  • Diving into juicing (17:31),
  • FSND was an intro to micronutritents (19:39),
  • Early Benefits (21:38),
  • We still held misconceptions and bad habits (22:56),
  • Beginning to look into Dr. Fuhrman (24:59),
  • Body starts telling you to MOVE (26:38),
  • Eating according to the ANDI scale and “Eat to Live” (29:46),
  • On the word “diet” (34:33),
  • Dementia is also a lifestyle disease (37:16),
  • June 2014 – Eating the foods we were juicing and Increasing the portion sizes; Adding fiber (slowly) (39:29), and,
  • On detox (44:00).

E2 – The Journey Continues

  • Our slow(ish) transition (0:45),
  • Nutritionfacts.org and nutritional science (2:12),
  • Moderation didn’t work for Chad (4:29),
  • Boundaries and the addictive power of food (6:42),
  • Start with the home and focus on bounty (9:58),
  • Pavlovian responses will happen (11:51),
  • The plant based community (16:53),
  • Trying to make evidence based decisions (17:45),
  • Benefits Chad has experienced thus far (19:15),
  • On public perceptions of weight and moderation (20:12),
  • Terra’s improved relationship with food and herself (22:32),
  • Food volume and the satiety response (23:43),
  • Combating the social norms; balancing clarity and simplicity of language (25:44),
  • The drug industry enables people’s poor lifestyle choices; health is the normal state (31:43),
  • What we eat; batch based cooking (35:17), and,
  • The cost of a plant based diet (50:18).

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Thanks so much for listening!