E9 – Jason Cohen – Small Steps to Big Change

Hi Again Path Menders,

12803001_1163154137052303_159785673436590632_nMeet Jason Cohen, entrepreneur and photographer at Jason Cohen Photography. Jason lost over 100 Lbs. through diet and lifestyle changes. He is also working on a documentary called Big Change the Film which will share the stories of others who’ve lost significant amounts of weight. He also has a weekly podcast that can be found in iTunes as well as on YouTube called Big Change The Film Podcast, with the same goal. He is also on Instagram.

If you want to get in touch with Jason, the best place to do that is the Documentary’s Facebook page Big Change The Film.

In this episode we talk about (show notes):

  • What inspired the desire to create Big Change the Film (0:54)
  • How Jason started mending his path (3:24)
  • Trying new things and taking steps in the right direction (8:26)
  • Jason’s current diet (11:26)
  • His wife’s transition and some unexpected benefits (13:05)
  • Weight he has lost (14:56)
  • Benefits his wife has experienced and how life has changed (17:11)
  • Exercise that is part of his life now (19:14)
  • A little more on Big Change the Film and his podcast (21:17)
  • Are the success stories hard to find? (29:05)
  • Crafting his message to his former self (30:40)
  • Opening up to share a story with the world (33:44)
  • Impacts on his work as a photographer (34:55)
  • Jason’s advice for Path Menders (38:33)
  • Getting in contact with Jason (42:13)

Here’s this week’s episode:

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