E34 – Anthony Masiello – From Insuring to Ensuring Life

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This week on the Mended Paths Podcast I am honored to be speaking with Anthony Masiello. Anthony had a wake up call when he was denied for life insurance. It was time to mend his path. He then started a journey toward getting Back to Better. He has lost over 200 Lbs so far and more importantly he has found health. Join me today has Anthony shares his truly inspiring journey!

In today’s show we discuss (show notes):

  • Inspirational stories (0:47),
  • Meeting Dr. Fuhrman (3:05),
  • The start of Anthony’s journey (5:16),
  • Some backstory (8:44),
  • The pre “diet,” diet(10:34),
  • An outsider looking in; “Is this the kind of Father/Partner I’m going to be?”(12:56),
  • A goal to change (16:53),
  • Finding “Eat to Live” & transitioning (20:44),
  • First year results (26:01),
  • The family adopts WFPB (31:14),
  • Challenges raising plant based kids (34:20),
  • Adding exercise to the mix (39:43), and,
  • Advice for Path Menders (48:38).

Here is this week’s episode:

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Here are some links Anthony wanted to share:

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Wishing you the Best of Health,
Chadwick @ The Mended Paths Podcast

Wishing you the Best of Health,
Chadwick @ The Mended Paths Podcast

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