E33 – Vicki & Dennis Spradling – A Second Chance

Hi Path Menders,

We have a twofer this week! In this episode, I am speaking with both Vicki and Dennis Spradling. Vicki started her plant based journey after an orthopedic surgeon suggested she read The China Study. It was life changing for her. Dennis was supportive at home but ate what he wanted outside and eventually suffered a heart attack. He had to undergo a quadruple bypass and has a stint inserted. Vicki refused to allow her husband to be fed the bad advice they were getting suggesting Dennis eat a low carb-high protein diet. Join me today, as Vicki and Denis share their amazing journey so far, and how their lives were changed and saved by plants!

In today’s show we discuss (show notes):

  • Life before their WFPB transition (2:18),
  • Vicki’s former “healthy”  diet (5:18),
  • Homework – read The China Study (6:09),
  • Changes after the book (9:39),
  • Dennis’s first perceptions (10:56),
  • Other people’s perceptions (13:01),
  • “Pills give you a false sense of security” (17:30),
  • Dennis has a heart attack (19:37),
  • Recommended “recovery” foods (21:06),
  • An email for help (23:53),
  • It’s hard to change the minds of others; trying anyway (28:06),
  • Exercise (38:46),
  • Getting off medications (39:37)
  • Cost of groceries on WFPB (40:55), and,
  • Advice for Path Menders (44:48).

Here is this week’s episode:

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