E3 – Suzanne Miles – Saying NO to a Hysterectomy; YES to a New Life

Hello Path Menders,

This week I am joined by author Suzanne Miles. She shares her story of how, when faced with a hysterectomy, she choose the “extreme” option – a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle and got a whole new way of life!

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Her book, Fork It (found here):

teaches readers about the dangers of industrialized, processed foods,and how you can begin to eliminate them from your diet by replacing them with natural, healing, plant-based foods. Her book provides important facts about the toxins that come from processed foods and the power of the food marketing campaigns that sell them. With her expertise you’ll learn about the natural gifts of plants, herbs, and spices and you’ll discover how to remove toxins from your life. Learn a new way of incorporating healing foods into your diet; discover the importance of an alkaline body; find out how to heal yourself; how to let go of what no longer serves you; and how to magnetize healthy body and mind for your life’s next chapter. 

Amazing weight loss through food choices and exercise. Heal yourself from the inside out!”

Please join me as we share in her amazing story.

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