E27 – Cindy Sutherland – From Atkins to Plants

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This week on the Mended Path’s Podcast I am speaking with Cindy Sutherland. Cindy is a Registered Nurse from California. After losing her husband, she lost focus on her weight and her health. Headaches brought her to the doctor where she was told she was at an extreme risk of a stroke. But she wasn’t prepared to accept failing health as inevitable.

Join us today as Cindy shares her story of how she mended her path, lost 125 Lbs. and reclaimed her health by adopting a whole food plant based lifestyle.

Cindy can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

In today’s show we discuss (show notes):

  • Cindy’s history – high protein, high fat dieting (0:58),
  • Carbohydrate restriction lead to post diet carb loading (3:03),
  • Family tragedy lead to no focus on weight or health (4:32),
  • Headaches lead to alarming news at the doctor (8:21),
  • Atkins – her go to approach (11:34),
  • Less weight loss than expected but moreover she couldn’t stomach Atkins any longer (16:50),
  • Internet research introduced her to the unknown world of veganism and the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”(18:22),
  • There is value in the journey not just the destination (20:01),
  • Juicing lead to daily weight loss (23:08),
  • How she felt on the different diets / what she ate (24:09),
  • She felt better without oil; from walking to running (28:27),
  • The desire for cooked food again (30:55),
  • On the diets of her children and their resolving medical issues (35:15),
  • On reducing medication and losing weight (40:39),
  • More on what she eats (42:51),
  • How she handles vacation and, food as a drug (45:17), and,
  • Her advice for Path Menders (46:40).

Here is this week’s episode:

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