E26 – Nick Wo – Starch Based Success

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This week on the Mended Paths Podcast, I am speaking with Starch Solutioner and Path Mender Nick Wo. Nick is relatively new to mending his path, yet in just 8 months he has lost about 125 Lbs.; but more importantly, he lost high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. But that’s not all!

Join us today as Nick shares his story of how he got from growing up in a family of meat sellers to now following a whole food plant based lifestyle. With a nudge from a friend, Nick stared a journey to healthfulness, a journey Back to Better!

Nick can be found on his YouTube channel “Wo & Behold,” Instagram and on Facebook on his page and in his group.  

In today’s show we discuss (show notes):

  • Nick’s upbringing / previous dieting attempts (1:00),
  • “Pretending to be vegan” in high school (6:20),
  • More vegan connections / An intro to the Starch Solution by association (7:25),
  • A Monday through Friday pre-cruise trial (10:13),
  • The Starch Solution full time (12:45),
  • The #1 change was not the weight (17:27),
  • Passion is contagious (21:08),
  • 30 Day SOS free challenge (24:01),
  • On exercise (27:12),
  • Nick’s growing online community (30:35),
  • Nick’s advice for Path Menders (35:37), and,
  • Other resources Nick likes (37:43).

Here is this week’s episode:

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