E25 – Justin Lacy – Seeking Optimal Health

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This week on The Mended Paths Podcast I am speaking with Mr. Justin Lacy. There was a time when Justin was forced to use crutches to move his 500 Lb body around – if he could move at all. He suffered with pain and disease every day. Then his mom had a stroke. He saw the sadness and pain of not only his mom, but all those family and friends who stood around her bedside. Despite all the hurt and issues he was facing personally, it was his overwhelming desire not to inflict needless suffering on his family, who would inevitably be standing at his bedside, that inspired him to mend his path.

Justin then made a vow, a scared self-promise, to seek out how to be as healthy as possible. This promise has driven him and his actions ever since. Today, Justin shares his story of his amazing journey so far, a journey that isn’t over, a journey in which he has lost over 280 Lbs but has gained so much more. It is a journey he will continue for the rest of his life – a never ending goal of seeking optimal health!

In today’s show we discuss (show notes):

  • Some background: A lifetime of trying to lose weight, medical issues and an eye opener (1:35),
  • A “scared self-promise” (5:14),
  • Past efforts to lose weight (5:48),
  • A change in objective and a seeking a different approach (8:17),
  • Searching for smoothie recipes and found a community (13:54),
  • A “crazy” video that changed it all (15:05),
  • A water fast (17:45),
  • The first couple of months being plant based; it wasn’t super clean (18:29),
  • The first weigh-in (10-11 months into plant based) (22:44),
  • On physical activity (24:13),
  • Never followed any specific doctors meal plan; his own “plan” around October 2015 (24:51),
  • Making an effort to retrain his taste buds (28:44),
  • Weighing in just to be amazed (32:58),
  • Adding exercise (35:48),
  • Medical issues resolved (42:04),
  • If there’s something you want to do, just do it; make it happen no matter what it takes (43:34), and,
  • His advice for Path Menders (49:51).

Here is this week’s episode:

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