E23 – Heather Goodwin – The Butterfly Effect

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This week on The Mended Paths Podcast I’m speaking with Heather Goodwin. Heather struggled with her weight all her life. She has tried all manner of diets and has lost over 100 Lbs on three separate occasions.  At her heaviest, Heather weighed 436 Lbs and had the many health issues that go along with being that heavy. Today Heather is over 200 Lbs into her journey to lose 300 Lbs. Listen as she shares her story of how she was able to mend her path and finally get Back to Better!

Today’s episode is named after Heather’s YouTube channel The Butterfly Effect- Plant-based Weight Loss. She can also be found on Instagram and Google+.

In today’s show we discuss (show notes):

  • The beginning of dieting (1:03),
  • On set-backs; “it just takes a long time” (5:38),
  • Raw Vegan was “like magic” in resolving medical issues (9:16),
  • How she became a raw vegan (12:33),
  • Take a step in the right direction and fighting food addiction (15:08),
  • Adding back some cooked foods (17:05),
  • Adding back comfort food = adding back weight and medical issues (22:35),
  • You shouldn’t wait for your doctor to go plant based (25:40),
  • A promise to her mom (26:36),
  • Introduction to Chef AJ’s Program (28:30),
  • Medications no longer needed (31:45),
  • The “other” costs of your diet (34:17),
  • Oh, dopamine; let’s exercise (37:43),
  • Getting food isn’t what it use to be (41:24),
  • The impact on her children (44:31),
  • Her advice for Path Menders (49:17), and,
  • On Relapse (53:01).

Here is this week’s episode:

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