E22 – Christopher Carnrick – Plants at Pirate Palms

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Thanks for stopping by. This week I’m happy to be joined by certified starch solution counselor & trainer, author, and chef Christopher Carnrick.

Prior to embracing a plant strong lifestyle, Christopher ran two successful restaurants in Seattle and later a culinary school which also provided culinary holidays and private themed dinner parties in Spain. He also authored the book Kitchen Disasters, Solutions and Substitution and co-authored Dinner for Six at 8:00. He was also a regular TV personality for a variety of cooking shows airing on CBS, NBC and FOX networks.

However, in his 50’s, with his health deteriorating, Christopher had to reevaluate his food choices.  Luckily he was able to mend his path and reclaim his health with a plant strong diet. He shares his story with us today, as well as in his newest book Confessions of a Starchivore. We also talk about his newest venture, Pirate Palms, which offers a private cottage on 3 acres in Naples Florida and contains an amazing “Edible Forrest!”

In today’s show we discuss (show notes):

  • Before plant based (1:33),
  • A most awful blood pressure medication side effect (5:11),
  • A search for a solution lead to Dr. McDougall and a 10 day trial (6:57),
  • A lasting change; real food, good food, clean kitchens (10:19),
  • Dr. McDougall’s 10 day immersion (12:19),
  • On being a certified starch solution counselor & trainer (14:43),
  • “Blame the food industry” (16:33),
  • Some Breakfast foods (18:14),
  • Some Lunch foods (20:50),
  • Some Dinner foods (and grow your own) (22:10),
  • On “Vegan” versus “whole food plant based” (25:14),
  • You don’t have to give up flavor (26:53),
  • Pirate Palms (28:13),
  • And you can pick bananas! (30:51),
  • All year growing (33:26),
  • Being plant centered has been liberating for Christopher (35:31),
  • Unleashing himself from the scale (39:51),
  • You think that is extreme? (42:02),
  • Taking the Starch Solution Course at Pirate Palms (43:32),
  • Dr. Neal Barnard’s “The Cheese Trap” (44:52),
  • Holistic at Sea / debunking coffee enemas (45:29), and,
  • Christopher’s advice for Path Menders (48:16).

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