E20 – Debra Van Duyne – Miss Daisy’s Plant Based Life

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This week I am joined by Debra Van Duyne of Miss Daisy’s Plant Based Life. Debbie started her plant based journey as a means to overcoming some health issues she was facing. Today she shares her story of her journey so far, the highs and the lows she has faced, including her diagnosis with uterine cancer. To date, she has lost 80 Lbs, is now cancer free and is optimistic and eager to continue her plant based journey Back to Better.

In today’s show we discuss (show notes):

  • Some history and the beginning of her plant based journey (0:56),
  • A person has to come to transition on their own (5:43),
  • Worsening health conditions motivated her to stricter adherence to plant based (7:32),
  • Research she conducted (9:46),
  • On her Cancer diagnosis (13:03),
  • On Smoothies (16:43),
  • On oil (18:15),
  • On her husband changing (19:54),
  • Strategies she uses to keep herself on track (21:42),
  • On her sister’s journeys (23:03),
  • What she did after her recurrence (26:15),
  • On depression (28:45),
  • Her most recent check-up (30:42),
  • Dr. Campbell & caloric density (32:22), and,
  • Her advice for Path Menders (44:05).

Here is this week’s episode:

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