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This week I am honored to be joined by Dr. Laurie Marbas, MD, MBA. Dr. Marbas is Board Certified in family medicine and is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. She is the Medical Director for the newly opened “Dr. Fuhrman’s Health Oasis” in the beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. She also hosts the Dr. Laurie Marbas Podcast and, in collaboration with Chef Martin Oswald, runs the website DocAndChef.com.

Dr. Marbas has used nutrition as medicine for many years. Prior to joining forces with Dr. Fuhrman, she created a lifestyle medicine practice in Western Colorado and piloted a Nutritarian study at a rural hospital. She is also a veteran of the United States Air Force, a public speaker, educator and corporate wellness expert. She also wrote two series of books while still in medical school: The Visual Mnemonics Series and Blueprints Clinical Procedures.

In today’s show we discuss (show notes):

  • Her start down the path of lifestyle medicine – A case of meat and dairy intolerance – A good education with a missing piece (1:29),
  • A case of Lupus – Testing diet as medicine (5:04),
  • Walking the talk – Living the prescription (7:44),
  • Becoming a vigilante for the plant based cause (10:15),
  • A Nutritarian pilot study – needing legal clearance to eat veggies (11:35),
  • The myth of the “diet that’s right for you” & “Moderation Kills” (14:32),
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists aren’t necessarily giving good advice (but the science is there) (16:35),
  • Watch the money to find the bias (19:18),
  • Every patient gets better; No one got worse (20:54),
  • The origin story of Dr. Fuhrman’s Health Oasis – Most Americans are food addicts – A complete person transformation mind and body (22:51),
  • Mood is a matter of brain chemistry (27:06),
  • The patient experience at the Oasis (27:53),
  • The cycle of addiction (30:34),
  • On toxic hunger (31:55),
  • On the cost of food – Healthy doesn’t have to be expensive (34:08),
  • Plant based is acutely safer (37:15),
  • Be cautious of food that needs “added color” (38:52),
  • Who are Health Oasis Patients? (39:51),
  • More on what to expect as a patient (41:06)
  • On exercise (46:22)
  • A fun story on becoming an author while in medical school (49:21), and
  • Dr. Marbas’s advice for Path Menders (57:38).

Here is this week’s episode:

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Finally, here is a copy of the handout that Dr. Marbas gave here patients at her lifestyle medicine clinic. WFPB Diet Handout

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