E17 – Robert Cheeke – Building Bodies & A Better World

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This week I am honored to bring you a most excellent conversation with two-time natural bodybuilding champion, Robert Cheeke.

Robert is considered one of VegNews Magazine’s most influential vegan athletes and has a lot going on. He is founder and President of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness, and he is the best-selling author of the books:

He is also working on a third book to be released later in 2017 called Plant Based Muscle.

In addition to writing and operating Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness, Robert gives lectures around the world and is a regular contributor to Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine, Naked Food Magazine, and Forks Over Knives. He is a multi-sport athlete and entrepreneur, and has done all this while following a plant-based diet for over 20 years!

In today’s show we discuss (show notes):

  • From growing up on a farm to embracing veganism – Mending his path at an early age (1:30),
  • Sometimes the apple falls far from the tree (4:21),
  • Interesting family dynamics – Ranchers, Vegetarians, and Vegans (6:17),
  • Passion tends to lead to confrontational encounters (8:53),
  • The island is shrinking / be true to yourself (11:26),
  • Lead by positive example (15:41),
  • People tend to want what they don’t have – Robert’s desire to be bigger and stronger (19:22),
  • Transparency, consistency, and accountability is the “fit-all” recipe for success (23:40),
  • “A man dreams of a thousand paths, but wakes and walks the old one” – Chinese Proverb (29:13),
  • We all have 1440 minutes in a day – Choose activities that you expect to provide a good return on investment (31:09),
  • But sometimes it’s hard to measure the potential return (36:28),
  • Only half of advertising is effective… but which half? (38:00),
  • On scheduling versus taking it day-by-day, hour-by-hour (38:35),
  • “Plant Based Muscle” coming soon (43:58),
  • On release – good things take time (48:30), and,
  • Robert’s advice for Path Menders (51:23).

Here is this week’s episode:

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