E15 – Patty Falo – Rethinking Healthy After Cancer

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Welcome to 2017! This week on the Mended Paths Podcast I’m speaking with Mrs. Patty Falo. She shares her story of how she had to reevaluate healthy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a long road, but she was able to mend her path and find a healthy and sustainable way of life. Her story highlights the struggle to find good health information in the jungle of data and opinion available.

In today’s episode Patty and I discuss (show notes):

  • Background / Before her plant-based journey (0:41),
  • Chinese tend to view food as medicine (2:53),
  • First try at veganism – problems in hindsight (4:00),
  • Animal products crept back in – including perceived “health foods” (5:35),
  • March 2012: Getting the 41 year old “base-line” doctor check-up (9:35),
  • Additional testing (scanning) needed (10:37),
  • Realizing it was Cancer (13:51),
  • “Is it really just random?… You can’t just get this horrible disease… for no reason!” – the search for answers begins (16:05),
  • Bad information abounds on the internet – what’s safe to eat? (22:08),
  • About her surgery and treatment (24:56),
  • Seeking professional help on what to eat (27:21),
  • The China Study – A holistic view and a light bulb moment (33:13),
  • The Information is out there – you just need to be able to find it (36:29),
  • Hormonal therapy (38:07),
  • On Dr. McDougall (41:26),
  • On Mammograms (44:14),
  • Dying with your cancer not from your cancer (49:15),
  • Eat a health promoting diet now – don’t wait until you’re diagnosed with a terrible disease (53:37),
  • A typical daily diet (55:13)and,
  • Her advice for Path Menders (57:05).

Here’s this week’s episode:

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