E14 – Dr. Jaimela Dulaney, MD – Our Heart Beets Plant Strong

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Thanks for joining me today! This week I’m speaking with Dr. Jaimela Dulaney, a cardiologist based in Port Charlotte Florida. Dr. Dulaney’s practice is differentiated from many cardiologists by her emphasis on plant based nutrition education. She offers a six class nutrition program as well as a 30 day intensive program that teaches the importance of diet in disease formation, as well as its treatment and, more importantly for her patients, its reversal. This has allowed her to reduce the medications of her patients while at the same time resolving their angina.

Jami also believes that exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and is herself a marathoner. She also has her own podcast “Jami Dulaney MD Plant Based Wellness” which can be found here.

On today’s show, Dr. Dulaney and I discuss (show notes):

  • Some family medical history and why she decided to be a doctor and specifically a cardiologist (1:17),
  • Early career (2:59),
  • Impact of putting marathon finishing shirts on display (4:41),
  • Running alone is not enough (5:29),
  • Some of the reasons for becoming a vegan (heart disease excluded) (6:41),
  • On Dean Ornish and Esselstyn’s books / diets (8:57),
  • Forks Over Knives was an eye opener (11:07),
  • When nutrition became a part of her practice and how its evolved (15:00),
  • Different things “click” for different people(20:58),
  • No specific demographic for success, but having support helps (22:37),
  • Improved recovery and off medications after Forks over Knives (23:50),
  • Benefits to be had by all (25:53),
  • Types of foods cooked during class (27:02),
  • A days food (30:02),
  • Biggest “eye opener” when taking students shopping (32:43),
  • Hardest social part is adult children not accepting parents changing their nutrition (35:36),
  • Your best chances for success and results are by going all in (36:36),
  • What brings in a typical patient (43:32), and,
  • Advice for a new Path Mender (46:09)

Here’s this week’s episode:

Thanks for listening!

Dr. Dulaney’s website for her cardiology practice is doctordulaney.com. Here are links to books and movies Jami referenced in this podcast.



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