E13 – Josh LaJaunie – Love Yourself, Love to Run, Run to Health

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This week I bring you my discussion with the amazing Josh LaJaunie. Josh is a self described plant-eating, miles-logging, WHODAT from Bayou Lafourche with an appetite for life! He is an inspiration after truly mending his own path. Weighing over 400 Lbs, Josh started his journey because he wanted to lose some weight, but more importantly, to shake things up a little by providing some change in his life as a way of coping with a stressful period. However, the path he started down turned into so much more. Now Josh is a ultramarathoner (an ultramarathon is any race longer then a marathon length) with many races in the rear view mirror. In September 2016 he finished third in the Wildcat 100-miler in Florida and he was recently featured on the cover of Runner’s World magazine, after winning their 2016 cover model search. This is a great show you don’t want to miss.

Today Josh and I discuss (show notes):

  • What life was like in 2010 (1:16)
  • The desire for change (4:31)
  • The first steps (yet again) (6:34)
  • A new approach (7:52)
  • Running takes off (10:00)
  • Reaching a plateau and overcoming with new goals (14:12)
  • 40 days of eating clean in 2013 and eye opening books and movies (15:41)
  • A race “reward” that lead to lasting change (18:11)
  • Best to avoid slippery slopes (21:33)
  • Performance improvements after flicking off the animal products “switch” (27:39)
  • Pain is like an essential nutrient (32:05)
  • Vegan “fake food” transition (35:45)
  • Calorie deficits but nutrient dense (36:31)
  • Struggling with and reconciling the ‘new” versus “old” you and the impact on your relationships (37:25)
  • Setting appropriate goal posts (40:53)
  • On being and setting a good example (43:05)
  • On hunting (45:48),
  • Advice for you: really start loving yourself (50:44), and,
  • The switch has been duck-taped and how far it’s brought him (55:03)

Here’s this week’s episode:

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Be sure to check out Josh’s blog joshlajaunie.com for more info. Here are links to books and movies Josh referenced in this podcast.



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