E10 – Katie Martin – Restoring Hope

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14492582_983476321775813_4224216618601560237_nThis week I bring you the inspirational tale of primary school teacher Katie Martin. Katie struggled with her weight for years. Her poor diet and lack of exercise negatively affected her self-esteem and caused a number of health issues including anxiety, depression, and spasms in her gallbladder.

Luckily, after watching the documentary Forks over Knives, Katie started to mend her path and adopted a low-fat, low-salt plant-based diet and experienced amazing results! Eventually she also compounded these benefits by adding regular exercise to her life. She was even awarded for her achievement in boot camp, something that would have been unthinkable before her change.

With some hiccups along the way, Katie has learned to have the confidence to know how to fix her health whenever she experiences any bumps in the road.

Show Notes:

  • Katie’s background (0:46)
  • Creating an inventory of health issues (5:04)
  • Documentaries: a door to change (9:35)
  • Re-learning food and the benefits that come (11:39)
  • Bumps in the road (19:23)
  • Adding exercise, multiplying results, surpassing expectations (24:32)
  • Influencing others (29:28)
  • Feeding the future – nutrition in schools (34:20)
  • Her current diet (40:38)
  • Her advice for Path Menders (45:32)

Here’s this week’s episode:

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