Update for This Week

Hi Path Menders,

It’s another glorious Wednesday but things will be a little different this week as I have good and bad news. Which would you like first? I’ll assume you opted for bad.

The Bad:
Sadly, there is no new episode this week. I have an episode recorded but unfortunately I have a cold which has prevented me from recording the introduction and conclusion. Therefore, I must defer. Hopefully things will improve and I can bring you my fantastic interview with the amazing Josh LaJaunie next Wednesday.

The Good:
Fortunately, there is a silver lining. In addition to giving you time to catch up on any missed episode, this cold gives me the opportunity to bring up an important point. Colds just aren’t what they use to be. In my old life, when eating the “Standard American Diet (SAD)” colds were terrible. I would be laid up for days, coughing, fatigued, and miserable. This cold is comparatively awesome. Although I know I am sick, it is limited to head congestion – which unfortunately makes me sound sick and means I can’t record. But that is where it stops. I don’t have a cough. I don’t feel miserable. And fatigue? I’m so not fatigued that I’m still able to get in at least a 1 hour workout everyday still. Not bad for being sick.

More Good:
I am also happy to report that there are new ways to listen to the Mended Paths Podcast. We have now finished uploading all episodes to our new YouTube Channel which can be found here. These videos are also being uploaded to The Mended Paths Facebook page.

Thanks for being a member of The Mended Paths Community. If you ever have any questions about health, wellness, or life in general, feel free to drop us a line. Together we can get Back to Better!

Best of Health & Happiness,


The Mended Paths Podcast

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